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AG Track Consulting Services
A Step Beyond Business Monitoring

By following a direct cash flow plan, AG Track guides your business on a weekly basis as business occurs and as decisions are being made.

Final decisions are always owner determined but can be supported by AG Track business support.

Position yourself to take advantage of adversity.  Get in front of the curve and     GROW YOUR PROFITABILITY.

Consulting Services are available on a monthly, annual, or for project specific events.

Again these services are fully adaptable to fit the needs and style of your business.
Business Planning
Establish a business direction to meet benchmark goals and create an outline for making sound business decisions.  Align your annual budget for quarterly cash flow monitoring or expansion goals.
Transition/Tax Planning
Good records allow for good planning.  AG Track can walk you through transition planning options, help you outline your goals, & match you up with a great professional team to protect your assets.
Problem Solving
This could be one of many things, but is often cash flow driven.  

It's not about how bad.  It's about the solution.  We want to keep farmers farming if we can. Waiting too long can lead to few solutions, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Our AG Track consultant has extensive experience in high risk/restructure situations as well as in general farm financial analysis and establishing protocols to help achieve profitability.

Marketing Strategies
AG Track believes there is a time and a place for milk and commodity marketing.  It may not be all the time or it may be a requirement of your lender.

That depends on your business.

Strategically monitoring your opportunities, and being able to effectively identify your cost of production or break even point are critically important.

Knowing your numbers and developing a plan that protects your bottom line makes market volatility easier to withstand.