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AG Track LLC Software Products
Services provided through AG Track are aimed at improving the profitability of your business by facilitating the financial aspects of your operation.  

These software products allow for business transactions to be completed timely and accurate basis with the information openly available to both the owner and AG Track at all times.  It allows for budget tracking, financial reports, and any financial requests in between.
Offers basic managerial accounting and farm business records.  All transactions are balanced monthly.  Statements can be billed out directly managing any accounts payable or receivable.
Payroll is provided through Intuit and is a direct part of your QuickBooks file.  Payroll may include direct deposit.  All payroll liabilities are processed on line and payroll/unemployment reports filed.
Bill Pay services are provided through your lending institution.  No stamps.  No envelopes. No signature authority hassel.  This allows bill pay to be processed from a remote location with 24/7 account and payment monitoring for both the business owner and AG Track.
Provides farm specific balance sheets, several  financial analysis tools, and offers the ability to create cash flow projections on an annual basis.  It's a great process to get a feel for the overall position and direction of your operation.  Also gives your lender information he/she will really love.
Software products combine to meet all the financial information and needs of your tax professional and ag lender.